Zombie Art; the Collective and the Individual [Gallery]


Artist George Pfau believes Zombies are an irresistible cultural force, and who cam blame him? But, while the majority of us are limited to our watching Walking Dead episodes, or even participating in a Zombie Walk, which is pretty fun, for Pfau the study of zombies makes up a huge part of his art practice.

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His most recent project is the Zombie Index, a website that explores the ever-expanding breadth of possibilities of what a zombie can be.  He uses his site to focus on the middle ground between alive and dead, individual and collective and the idea of inside and outside.

This particular nature of zombies is reflected in the website, which allows visitors to zoom in to focus on individuals, or zoom out to view the group as a whole.  The website also features a collection of names of people who inspired the work, as well as network of links embedded inside various pronouns scattered throughout.

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If you don’t believe in the notion of Zombies, that’s okay, but the collective mind can be seen pretty simply, just step outside and see how many people are all doing similar things without even realizing it.  Checking their phones, walking aimlessly with their phones out and yet still being very individual from the rest of the people surrounding them.


[Via George Pfau]

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