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Yawn for Coffee from a Dutch Vending Machine

Yawn for Coffee from a Dutch Vending Machine

Vending Machines have been making our lives easier, better and faster for many years.  Now, they dispense more than just Candy and Coke.  Live Crabs in China, they have them in New Orleans Cabs, And now, Dutch Coffee maker Douwe Egberts gives us coffee when you yawn at it.

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As part of the “Bye Bye, Red Eye” campaign, Douwe Egberts has set up the vending machines in airports with facial recognition software.  The vending machine keeps watching people passing by, and when it sees a person yawn, it dispense coffee for the world-weary traveller.

The coffee doesn’t even cost anything.

Douwe Egberts Yawn for Coffee Vending Machine - Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition has a huge part in making this Vending machine work

Check it out in action and remember, when Friday seems a long way away, Monday is made for coffee – even though it might be killing you…

[Via Mashable]
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