WPBakery Visual Composer Version 5.0 offers big update, templates

Visual Composer preview_5.0

WPBakery Visual Composer has become a powerhouse of customization, souping up over a million WordPress sites into high-quality content engines.  WPBakery has unveiled a huge new update with some small fixes, big changes and a new profession template gallery to make any website a joy to use

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Visual Composer helps users edit pages and posts with a simple click-and-shoot interface for both the backend and front-end of their WordPress-powered websites.  Version 5.0 has a ton of new, exciting changes under the hood.

Amongst small php changes, removal of support for IE8 and 9, and deprecated items, Visual Composer has added an option to animate CSS animations, a way to combine rows in blocks, compatibility with the popular Ninja-forms, and an exciting Template Library, allowing users to pick and use page templates designed for and by professionals.

Check out the full changelog below

09.11.2016 - ver 5.0
Added: Visual Composer Template Library with downloadable templates
Added: Section element to combine rows
Added: Material icon set to icon libraries
Added: Animate CSS animations
Added: template saving for section and row
Update: all elements has CSS animation attribute
Update: UI of element preset saving
Update: editor controls with retina friendly icon set
Update: IE8-9 support files removed
Update: compatibility with Ninja Forms
Update: less.js version update for better performance
Update: activation/deactivation mechanism
Update: iconpicker performance

Fix: php notice for default post type
Fix: php notices for post save
Fix: autocomplete element removing indexes
Fix: warning foreach for acf grid shortcodes
Fix: activation state on multisite
Fix: custom heading google fonts loading

Deprecated: class license methods in favor of 4.8
Deprecated: droppable and draggable methods in javascript for rows

Grab the plugin by heading over to CodeCanyon here

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