With the rise of remote work around the world, it’s no wonder that more and more names are getting into the coworking scene. And in a city as bustling as Hong Kong, the coworking space market has exploded, with companies such as WeWork entering the city and local start-ups offering their own take.

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the- work project hong-kong-coworking-office-space-2The Work Project
15/F Soundwill Plaza II – Midtown,
1-29 Tang Lung Street,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Despite the growing number of places offering a start-up coworking environment, a name that stands out in Hong Kong is The Work Project. The beautiful space sets itself apart by offering an unparalleled hospitality-oriented experience, with many of its services curated by ex-hoteliers. This focus on a perfectly comfortable experience has lent itself to its impeccable interior design. The multi-sensory environment was specifically designed to enhance productivity — from the music, scents and colors. The highlight of the space is a huge wall of foliage that offers some much-needed nature in the city that’s known for bland offices and monolithic structures.

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the-work-project-hong-kong-coworking-office-space-5 Work Project the-work-project-hong-kong-coworking-office-space-4 Work Project the-work-project-hong-kong-coworking-office-space-3

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