WordPress Updates to 4.5.2, Patches Security Vulnerabilities

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The core team at WordPress has released another quick update to 4.5 Coleman, with 4.5.2, a security update which patches security holes from the last update.  The first security hole is a SOME (Same-Origine Method Execution) vulnerability in Plupload, the third-party method WordPress uses to upload media files.  The second involves a cross-site-scripting vulnerability inside MediaElement.js and the third is a separate third-party library WordPress uses for media players.

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Auto Updates have already rolled out to sites, but if you don’t have automatic updates enabled (and you should!), head to:

Dashboard > Updates > Update Now

In addition to the update, the core team at WordPress has published a post concerning the multiple vulnerabilities discovered in ImageMagick, a popular image processing script used on thousands of webhosting servers. The post describes how WordPress is affected and what the team is doing to mitigate issues.

Mario Heiderich, Masato Kinugawa, and Filedescriptor of Cure53 are being credited with “responsibly disclosing” the vulnerabilities.

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