WordPress 2.5 Wins OpenSource App Of The Year


A few nights back, I was thumbing through the latest issue of Practical Web Design magazine.  About halfway through it, I noticed a spread on Matt Mullenweg and the WordPress team.  Turns out, WordPress has been awarded the OpenSource Application of the year./READ MORE// Matt Mullenweg Talks To USA Today

I tried taking a photo of the article, but it didn’t really work out.  Here’s a scan of the article.  Also, Practical Web Design Magazine has undergone a huge rebranding and are now called .Net

WordPress 2.5 2008 Open Source App Of The Year
WordPress 2.5 2008 Open Source App Of The Year

So, congrats to Mullenweg and the team at WordPress for the huge success of WordPress 2.5 – we’ve been having loads of fun already on 2.7!  Development flies when you have fun!

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