bionic arm claudia mitchell
A first-generation bionic arm "has changed my life dramatically," said Claudia Mitchell of Ellicott City, who lost her arm in a motorcycle accident. She can now do "all kinds of daily tasks." (By Dayna Smith -- The Washington Post)

Claudia Mitchell, who lost her arm at the shoulder in a terrible motorcycle accident, has become just the fourth person – and first woman – to receive a bionic arm controlled solely by her thoughts.

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By just thinking about a banana sitting next to her, she can reach out and grab it.  She has no feeling in her arm and hand, but just being able to have her limb back is a huge relief for her

“I use it to help with cooking, for holding a laundry basket, for folding clothes — all kinds of daily tasks,”

She says she hopes to get an upgrade in the future that could allow he to have more tactile feelings in her hand, making holding and grabbing object much easier and more natural.

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