Windows Blue coming this Summer?

Windows Blue

Windows Blue has been rumoured for some time now – a routine, yearly upgrade that has been rumoured through journalists and job postings.  According to The Verge, it could be here as early as this summer.

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The Verge goes on to say Microsoft are aggressive in aiming for a Summer release, with a preview as early as a few months from now.

Windows Blue is expected to include a new browser baked-in – Internet Explorer 11 – as well as a huge update for Bing to make apps searchable.  Rumours also include support for 7 and 8-inch mobile displays, which would make sense, as Blue could be rolled out to computers and Windows 8 phones simultaneously.

While ambitious, Windows Blue could really tie the Windows system together, a move that started with the new Windows 8.  As Microsoft pushes for an update delivery system, could future updates make the Windows Ecosystem even tighter?

[Via The Verge]

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