What’s New in WordPress 4.6


WordPress Version 4.6 is out today, slightly over 4 months since the release of WordPress Version 4.5. The latest release is called “Pepper”, after famous jazz saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams.

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The 4.6 release was headed up by Dominik Schilling, supported by Garth Mortensen and 272 contributors. A community of translators also helped to make WordPress 4.6 accessible in 52 languages.

What’s New in 4.6


Streamlined Updates

When you need to update, delete or install a plugin or a theme, WordPress 4.6 lets you do that from one screen.  This makes the whole process of updating and tweaking your website much simpler. These actions are now all performed via AJAX, within the given pages, making for a smooth user experience.


This applies to not only plugins but to themes as well.


Native System Fonts

The WordPress dashboard now uses the system font of your operating system. While this may seem minor, it means a slight performance improvement and a user experience matching your native operating system.

Broken links are a bad user experience and effect your website’s SEO. WordPress now automatically checks the syntax of your links, to make sure they’re not obviously broken (it’s a fairly basic check).


Content Recovery

Improvements have been made in WordPress 4.6 to make recovering your saved content even easier.

While WordPress has had auto-save for a while, it now leverages your browser, saving every 15 seconds.

Developer Features and Changes

Developers may also wish to take note of:

  • Resource Hints for performance improvements
  • HTTP API is now using the Requests PHP library
  • Updates to various JavaScript libraries
  • Multisite performance improvements
  • Improved Translation loading
  • Customizer validation and notifications
  • New WP_Term_Query and WP_Post_Type
  • New Meta Registration API

We’ll be taking a deep dive into many of these new features for developers in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Wrapping Up

You can find out more about the WordPress 4.6 on the Codex release notes.

Please let us know what your thoughts are below on this latest release.

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