We know a ton about Apple’s Apple Watch by now, but there are a few key things the company has kept under wraps.  We don’t know exactly how much each model will cost, how long it’s battery will last, or even exactly when it’s coming.  But now Apple has sent out invites for a ‘ Spring Forward ’ event on March 9th.  Don’t forget to watch the watch:  here’s what to expect on March 9th

We have yet to really see the Apple Watch in action.

Apple announced the Apple Watch without actually releasing it, and in turn the wearable lost some of its magic and mystery.  Since then, we’ve received a steady stream of information, a lot of which has only led to more questions.  Thus far, we know the battery will last 24hrs – will it need a nightly charge? – and that the wearable will be waterproof enough to survive a shower.  We know about its apps, what it looks like and that it will be shipping in April.  We know how it will work.

But there is a lot we don’t know.


There are plenty of smartwatches and wearable devices already out there – and some even work with iPhone.  None of them have yet to change our lives on the same scale tablets have.  The biggest name amongst smart watches is the Pebble, and it has only sold somewhere about 1 million units thus far.  By comparison, Apple expects to ship somewhere in the vicinity of five million.

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