What to Expect From Apple’s 2019 iPhone Event


Apple’s annual iPhone event is here, and you’re making a safe bet if you expect new iPhones.  But what else might we see?  This Apple event seems to be laking some of the hype Apple events normally carry.  We know we’ll get new iPhones, and we’re pretty sure they’ll have huge camera bumps that will probably start NotchGate 2.0.  We also know Apple is set to roll out TV+ in October, so there must be other news, but what will we see?

/READ MORE // Apple just sent out media invites to its annual iPhone event

The event is set to kick off on Tuesday, September 10, at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET.  We’ll be Liveblogging the whole thing starting around 12:45

Now here’s what we think we know.

New iPhones

Word has it we may not see an iPhone SE until 2020.  But we could still see three new iPhones at the event.  The previous line up was called XR, XS, and XS Max.  The ‘X’ was actually supposed to be pronounced ‘ten’.  So what will they call the new line? Will they keep ‘X’ and go for something like X1?  Or go roman-style and use XI?

Much like the last line up, there will be one iphone with a 6.5 inch OLED screen, one with a 5.8 inch OLED screen and one with a 6.1 inch LCD.  The OLED phones are expected to offer a wide-angle lens, a super-wide angle lens and a telephoto lens.  Accoding to Bloomberg it will also be half a millimeter thicker than the previous model.

This would be the first triple-camera phone from Apple.  Huawei launched it’s first triple-camera phone, the P20 Pro 18 months ago.  That’s made Apple feel like it’s been lagging.  The P20 Pro was launched in April, Google dropped NightSight in November of the same year.  Both take amazing photographs – is Apple going to try to catch up, or take the mantle?

Whichever iPhone has an LCD screen will cost less.  A seperate Bloomberg report claimed that iPhone would only sport a telelphoto and wide-angle.  That would with still be a boost to the XR, which has one camera.  All three new iPhones will sport the A13 processor.

Both analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and website MacRumors claimed the 11 lineup would drop the glossy finish and go with a matte finish, which supposedly would be more durable.  That shouldn’t effect the ability to charge wirelessly, however.

FACE ID will be improved, and TOUCH ID will be gone pretty much entirely.

9to5Mac reported that Apple is going to kill 3D touch, as it supposedly contributed to thickness – which, wouldn’t three cameras also contribute?  Instead, expect to see a haptic feedback system like the one introduced in the iPhone XR

New Apple TV

Apple’s new gaming service, Arcade, and it’s new streaming service, TV+, are expected to launch this fall.  It makes sense that we’ll see an upgraded Apple TV for both those services.

The most recent Apple TV, TV4k, uses the A10 chip from 2016.  A report going around is claiming a new Apple TV for this year will use the A12 chip from last year’s iPhones.

Apple TV+ Price

We’re pretty sure Arcade will cost $5/month, but there’s still alot we don’t know about TV+.  Bloomberg says it will cost $10/month.  Thats the same price that News+ and Apple Music cost, so it seems about right.

TV+ will compete along side Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max.  It’s also dealing with some critisims of censoring it’s content.  Without a great content catalogue, pricing might be the only way Apple can compete.

Ceramic Apple Watch

Apple Watches got a pretty big update in 2018, with the new ECG feature.  Any changes we could see might have to do with the new OS, announced back at WWDC.  We could see a ceramic Apple watch, but thats likely it.

16-inch MacBook

Rumours about a 16-inch Macbook have been running wild for some time now.  Digitimes says the 16-inch macbook would have the same dimensions as the 15-inch, which means Apple could be going with a super-slim bezel.

Several outlets are reporting that the display will be 3,072, by 1920, that it could share the same H-series 9th generation Intel processor that the 15-inch MacBook pro has, that it will include new key switches, and that it could be ready to launch this fall.

That’s alot of rumors.  Will we see it at the iPhone event?  Maybe, but Apple could also announce it at a specific event this fall.

New iPads?

That second Fall event makes alot of sense if Apple is going to drop new iPads.  September could be iPhone, Watch and TV, and another event Laptops, Tablets and maybe a new Mac Pro.

The $330 iPad got an update in March of last year, but alot of rumors still suggest we’ll see a new iPad, with a 10.2 inch screen.  We could see the iPad Pro get a refresh too, mostly focused on cameras and processors.


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