Every year, like a migration of tech-savy caribou, journalists, geeks and tech enthousiasts will cram into the Steve Jobs Theatre on Apple’s Cupertino campus to watch Tim Cook and company announce something new.  Seeing as it’s September, it’s a safe bet to assume there will be new iPhones on the horizon.  But how many?  And what colors?  Will there be one more thing?

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The event goes live on Wednesday, September 12 at 1pm EST/10am PST. You’ll be able to watch it live on Apple’s website, and naturally Ions will be on hand in our liveblog and livechat to report, discuss, and digest everything that happens.

Here’s an outline on what we’re expecting to see this year:

3 New iPhones

Thanks to a multitude to leaks, its safe to assume we’re getting three new iPhones.  There’s expected to be a 5.8-inch iPhone with an OLED display that is basically an updated iPhone X.  It may even be called the iPhone Xs.  The price is expected to be around $800 – $900 USD, making it cheaper than the current $1000 iPhone X.

That all figures in, because the $1000 price tag be be reserved for the iPhone X Max:  6.5-inch OLED screen, with many of the same features as the iPhone Xs.  Expect both to have a new A12 processor, 4GB of RAM, QI wireless charging and the new FACE ID camera array.  The iPhone X Max will likely also sport a larger battery.  It might also be called the iPhone Xs Plus.

UPDATE: September 12 08:00 AM BGR reports it will be called the iPhone Xs MaxBusiness Insider is reporting says it could also cost at a crazy $1,100.

But there’s another option.  Apple is expected to launch a third iPhone, which will carry the much-discussed notch, Face ID Camera and possibly the A12 Processor.  The device will have a 6.1-inch display, but LED instead of OLED.  It also will only have one rear camera, no glass back, but will have a variety of fun colours.  Even thou it’s expected to be bigger than the Xs, this iPhone – possibly called the iPhone XR – will be the cheapest of the bunch, coming in at $600 – $700 USD.

We can expect Apple to stick to it’s usual schedule and ship new iPhone shortly after the unveiling.  Expect the new iPhones to be available for pre-order by this Friday, and start shipping later this month.  If you need a need a new phone stat, try to hold out until at least September 14.

Two new watches

While many people call Apple’s September even ‘iPhone Day’, there always other stuff to be unveiled.  This year, we could see two new Apple Watches – the Apple Watch Series 4.

9to5Mac came across these images of the devices, allegedly leaked by Apple, the same day it discovered the image of the iPhone Xs.

The images seem to suggest that the devices will increase in size from 38mm to 40mm and from 42mm to 45mm.  Those increases are expect to come with an increase in screen size.  Some of that will happen by trimming the bezel on the watch to increase the area of the watch face.

A new iPad Pro

Apple updated the ‘cheap iPad’ back in March of this year, but the updates were mostly internal.  Apple is expect to annouce a new, refreshed iPad Pro, with no bezels or Touch ID.  Thats right: expect the new iPad Pro to have Face ID.

The new Pro is not expected to have either a notch, or an OLED display (why not??), but it should get an updated processor, GPU and ‘smart connector’ on the back for keyboards.  Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also says it will have support for Face ID in horizontal mode.

Release dates for iOS 12 (and maybe macOS Mojave)

With new iPhones usually comes a new OS.  Expect to see a mention, if not full release of iOS 12, which should come with the new iPhones

With new Apple Watches, comes new watchOS – expect a release date for watchOS 5 somewhere in there.  macOS Mojave – with it’s new dark mode, improved Finder functions, and an updated App Store is expected this fall as well.  Expect Apple to announce it’s release as well.

Is AirPower Real?

In 2017, Apple promised us a wireless charging pad for up to three devices at once, and we’re still waiting.  Wireless/Inductive charging is becoming more and more common, but apparently Apple has hit a snag in trying to create a device than can charge three products are once.  Rumours also say those issues have since been resolved and we could very well arrive at the September 12 event – fitting, seeing as we could be seeing so many new Wirelessly chargeable devices.

New AirPods

Since the surprising success that has been Apple’s Airpods, rumors have suggested that improved AirPods with better audio quality were coming. Those rumors now suggest these AirPods will launch not on this year, but some time next year.

New MacBooks or MacBook Airs

There have been alot of rumours that Apple could launch a cheaper laptop to replace the basically defunct MacBook Air but the end of this year.  Those are tantalizing indeed, but it’s highly unlikely, given that Intel – which makes Apple’s CPUs – just announced a refresh of the processors used in the MacBook.  That means Apple could announce a refresh this year, but not likely the same day it announces new iPhone

One more Thing?

Apple is reportedly working on a smaller, cheaper HomePod as well as Apple-branded Headphones, but don’t expect to see those here. Don’t expect to see a new Mac Pro or that highly-dubious ARM-based MacBook either.

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