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And it’s that time again.  For half a decade, Apple has held an early september event to showcase/announce its new iPhone – or, in the past few years, new iPhones.  This year, Apple is holding its event on Wednesday September 9th at a different, and much bigger venue.  We’re expecting new iPhones, of course, but there’s a lot more to come.

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Rumours indicate this will be a big event.  Reports and rumours are swirling that we are going to see a bigger, stronger iPad, a smaller, faster iPad mini, the resurgence of the Apple TV and more, in addition to the iPhone 6S.  The event kicks off Wednesday September 9th at 1pm EST / 10AM PT.  You can follow along, as always, with our LiveBlog for up to the second updates and photos.

iPhone 6S mockup by Martin Hajek
iPhone 6S mockup by Martin Hajek

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

The main event is slated to be the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.  As with earlier years, the ’S’ series will continue – meaning a maintained design of the previous generation, but minor tweaks inside.  Both new phones are expected to be slightly thicker, faster and thinner

The biggest rumours suggest we’ll see the Force Touch from the Apple Watch come over, as well as a jump in RAM to 2GB.  A faster processor is on board, and word has it we’ll see the iPhone get a 12 megapixel rear camera and shoot 4K video.  The front camera is also expected to get a bump, to 5-megapixels, and come with its own flash.

The phone will also come in Rose Gold – like the Apple Watch.  Touch ID is expected to become faster, and more reliable, and the iPhone pricing structure will remain the same with the highest-end 6S going for $399 for 128 gb.

Apple TV

Its been almost 3 full years since Apple TV has gotten an update.  Since its initial showcase, the Apple TV has done a pretty good job of streaming movies and music from Apple devices, but that was it.  Rumours has long suggested a refresh, and its sounds like it’s finally coming.

apple TV

Firstly, The App store is finally slated to come to the Apple TV.  Apple is going to begin letting developers make Apps for the Apple TV, letting them put games, video services, and more on the TV.  That alone is fantastic, but we’re also expecting to see Siri navigate over.  We should also see a UI refresh – finally! – but we’ll also see a new remote.  Rumours suggest the remote will have a trigger button for Siri, a ‘swipeable’ touchpad, and hopefully an Apple Streaming service.  This rumours might be more optimistic than most, so don’t hold your breath.

The deals on actual content is the big elephant in the rooms here, and working with Apple could upset the lucrative balance the cable industry is currently enjoying.  That being said, the new Apple TV allegedly may be able to – if you’re a cable subscriber – stream from different networks, as well as the usual Netflix, Hulu et al.

The Apple TV box should physically be slimmer and more powerful, getting the same processor that is currently sitting in the iPhone 6.  On the downside, don’t expect 4K support.  Apple TV Pricing is rumours to start at $149.

iPad Pro

Word on a ‘professional’ grade iPad has been going around since last year’s iPhone event.  Apple reportedly wants new iPads in stores for christmas shopping season, and that would mean an announcement soon.  All bets suggest this new device is named the ‘iPad Pro’

Firstly, expect a bigger screen.  Like Laptop big.

iPad Pro
via MacRumours

The Pro iPads are expect to sport a 12.9 inch display, and would likely be stuffed with the same guts as the new iPhone: A9 processor, 2gb RAM etc.  Since it’s a ‘Pro’ model, rumours suggest we’d see additional ports and/or NFC on the tablet. A big surprise is the well-regarded rumour that the iPad Pro will come with a stylus – the tool Steve Jobs famously derided when unveiling the first iPad.  The iPad Pro could also have Force Touch, which, in combination with a  Stylus, could make the iPad Pro a powerhouse for artists and architects alike.  Reports also suggest a physical keyboard for the iPad is coming.

The screen size change could also mean big changes in iOS, such as notification centre, and Siri, as well as true multitasking.  The iPad Pro is the least confirmed Apple product this cycle, and while it may be announced Wednesday, if it ships in November, that may give Apple a lot of time to sweeten the deal – if you even need one.

iPad Mini 4

iPad mini 4

Also in iPad news, we could see a revamped iPad Mini.  It was left out in last year’s Spec bump, and may get an upgrade to put it on par with the iPad Air 2.  Word has it the new Mini will be even smaller  than it is now, and slightly thinner.

Apple Watch bands

The Apple Watch showed up this time last year, but wasn’t actually released to the public until April.  So don’t expect and Apple Watch update, or even new details.  But reports suggest we’ll see new colour options for the sport bands.

iOS 9

iOS 9

Apple has already shown off and confirmed iOS 9’s biggest new features, but we still don’t know when its coming.  The iOS will likely ship with the iPhone 6S, and therefore probably be pushed to the pubic a few days before that.  Expect information about a date at the event, likely around mid-September, and probably mid-October for OS X El Capitan

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