If YouTube and twitter had a baby, it would be Vine.  The newest iOS app has been making its rounds on twitter and has exploded in popularity since its release two months ago.

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Working in a truncated nature much like twitter with its 140-character limit, Vine gives its users six seconds of video to work with. Users have the ability to pause and restart recording at anytime and the video may have as many shots as you can fit into the six-second limit. Once the time is filled, the shots are displayed one by one with hard cuts on an indefinite loop. Audio is supported though most Vine videos seemingly have the audio turned off by default.

Many celebrities from Jimmy Fallon to Paul McCartney have jumped on the Vine bandwagon and tweeted out some creative nonsense in six seconds or less. No one however, has hit this app harder than Will Sasso, who has posted several Vines and even created a bizarre series with a common theme, that theme being a lemon unexpectedly exploding out of his mouth.

A lot of more calculated content like this is not at all unlike the small movement started by 5secondfilms.com in 2008, the key difference being that in this case, anyone with a iOS device that can capture video can get in on the action and create their own five-second (or in this case, six-second) films.

Another similar idea came last year from Tout, a “microblogging” service that enables users to send out 15-second videos, which for the most part are talking heads or vlog-style videos. Despite Tout striking a major partnership deal with World Wrestling Entertainment, it seems like Vine is in the spotlight now and it’s seemingly here to stay…at least for a little while longer than six seconds.

Twitter is currently working to bring Vine to other platforms, so don’t be surprised if an Android version pops up anytime in the near future.

So, do YOU use Vine What do you think of it? Sound off in the comments below.

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