What is Jetpack

JetPack.  Every blogger has heard of it, and most are using it.  So what is and what does it exactly do?

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Jetpack is a plugin for WordPress

When WordPress first got started, you could add neat little features you wanted by adding specific plugins: one for comments, one to add a favicon, one for a neat gallery feature for your posts.  It was an intricate and complicated balancing act.  Making your self-hosted blog they way you wanted with all the features you needed mean installing and upgrading dozens of plugins.  or more.

Jetpack is a plugin.  Well, it’s the mother of all plugins.

It’s like a plugin swiss army knife.

Created by the guys at Automattic, who actually made WordPress, Jetpack took the most popular features of the WordPress service and bundles them together, letting self-hosted WordPress sites use the features they really needed, all from one spot.

It’s a WordPress control centre.

Can so much functionality come in one plugin?

What’s in it:

and more (http://jetpack.me)

Who Can use Jetpack:

If you have a blog that uses WordPress, you can grab it (for free!)  If you have a wordpress.com site, all this stuff is already at your fingertips.

Theres a list of the technical requirements you can read up on, here.

Stats, stats and more glorious stats

Ok, How?

Jetpack is just a click away.  It installs like any other plugin.  Certain hosting providers actually auto-install Jetpack for you, to save you the trouble.

Since Jetpack uses WordPress’s power, once you install, you’ll be prompted to connect to wordpress.com.  If you don’t have a wordpress.com account, you’ll have to make one during this point.

How Much?

Its free.  Installation is free, and they say it’ll ‘always’ be free.

[Via Jetpack]

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