What an iPhone 6 Might Look Like (Gallery)

iPhone 6 concepts martin hajek

With Apple following a near perfect product cycle, rumours have begun on time about what the iPhone 5S will look like.  Following the cycle and the naming nomenclature, the 5S will be a same design with boosted specs internally.    But what about after THAT?  What could an iPhone 6 look like?  Graphic Artist Martin Hajekhas made some renders, and we all want one, now.

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The renders all follow an increase in size.  The iPhone 5 boasted a 4-inch screen, but could the 6 have a 4.8-inch?  Hajek thinks its possible without boosting the overall size of the phone, and instead opted to stretch the screen horizontally, edge to edge.  This concept art also does away with the Home button – an Apple staple.

The renders suggest a trackball at the bottom, like a Macbook, possibly capable of gestures and much more.

The iPhone 6 Render and its companion, a smaller ‘iPhone X’ both have a same design aesthetic as the 5: Aluminum Unibody, and redesigned volume buttons.

While these renders are brilliant and, because of Apple’s standard product cycle and product evolution, they look, but wont function, like a true iPhone.  While a larger bezel-to-bezel screen is deeply desired, engineering will face a steep challenge squeezing all those bits into a smaller form.

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