How I Went From 0 Page views to 5,000 a Month in Three Months

How I went from Zero to 5,000 page views a month in three months

We re-started this blog in January 2017, after taking a hiatus from a blog we had that wasn’t going anywhere.  It was a way to express ourselves and use what we had learned from our past experiences running lifestyle blogs and online stores.  While we did have some fairly vague goals – like “start an online business”, we had no idea how far and fast this blog would come in a short period of time.  Now, we’re working on an eBook, some courses to tie in with The Art of Blogging, and relaunching an online shop with our very favourite gear.  We’re happier at doing this than we’ve been in some time.

Now, we know some of you are rolling your eyes, but just hear us out.  I happen to be a pretty sentimental guy, and I’ve always believed in the idea that things happen for a reason.  Thanks to this project, I’ve met some great people I’m happy to call friends (Gavin, Praveen, Scott), and my belief in what this blog could become long term has jumped in confidence.  Three months in, and we have firm plans for 1 year, 2 year and 5 years out.  That’s an amazing gift.

page views Stats for three months

Anyways, for the first couple of days we blogged our hearts out by barely had any views.  No one was checking in on us anymore – did we take too long a hiatus?  Well, in the last 30 days we did 7,500 page views on this blog.  That’s close to our five month goal of 10,000 per month.  We are beyond excited.

Want to know how we grew this blog so fast?  Everything we do (because, it IS a continuous process) is going in our newest eBook: Zero to 5K: Easy Steps for your first three months of blogging.

How I went from Zero to 5,000 page views a month in three months

In this 30 page eBook, we share tips, tricks, what has worked for us, and even worksheets that we use daily to help you track and grow your blog, just like we have.

How have you been growing your own blog?  Share your tips and trick down below!



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