The Turquoise Ice of Lake Biakal

The Turquoise Ice of Lake Biakal2

Photography Alexsey Trofimov took this stunning shot of Lake Biakal in southern Russia.  Its a series of Ice Flows that capture the morning light JUST right.  They take on an ethereal, eerie quality.  For those of us who already miss winter, this is a great reminder about what cold and snow we might miss as we move into a warmer climate.

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Alexsey told about how he managed to grab such great images:

[…”This photograph was taken in the lake. February 2013. I have to have private fotoekspeditsiyu. The photo shows the ice hummocks. Their color is caused by the very clear water of Lake Baikal. Ice hummocks can reach up to 15 Mestre high. They are formed by shearing of the ice in the fall and winter due to temperature changes…’]

You can check out Alexey’s Site here for more great Icy imagery, and check back every day for more nature and photography stories

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