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Watercolour Art Created With Code

Watercolour Art Created With Code

Watercolor paintings have long been a favourite medium for some artists. The way water interplays with the surface and paint can be almost unpredictable. Design Engineer Kenichi Yoneda thought about Watercolor a little differently. He decided to create watercolors digitally using code. And they look beautiful.

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Kenichi has done this with other media before – like pencil drawings – but his code for waters colors, which he even presented at the openFramework Developer Conference last week were mind blowing.

“I’ve been recalling sometimes that I was asked if it was possible to do my own watercolors . . . Since then I’ve been kind of haunted with the idea of mimicking my watercolors with codes . . .” – Kenichi Yoneda, Artist

The effect was created by combining water and pigment layers and manipulating the result with openGL blending. Because they seem so real, it’s hard to realize that instead of water and paint flowing, it’s just a series of 1’s and 0’s.

Via Creative Applications

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