Beginning at 12:00 Noon, Eastern Standard Time, Microsoft will show off its new Windows 10 OS to the public, along with announcements about Mobile OS, Cortana assistant, and maybe something about a brand new browser.  We might even hear a bit about Xbox.  You can watch it streaming live here!

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The official Windows 10 livestream is here, starting at noon EST.

We cannot embed it here, or stream it on our site, because, if YouTube can do it, so can Microsoft.

[Via Microsoft]

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  1. […] 10 won’t be coming to either or any surface devices that run Windows RT.  Some of the new windows 10 features will make it over via an update. Its like poor Windows Phone 7 all over […]

  2. […] After a huge leap into the future with Windows 8, Microsoft is still struggling to make an OS that works between both Mobile devices and desktop computers.  Looking past the visuals – such as revamped and reworked icons – Windows 10 has brought back the start menu, an item curiously missing from its original Windows 8 build.  But its better than that […]

  3. Awesome Keynote! Crazy holo-lens, i cant believe they brought that out of nowhere. Windows 10 looks ok thou. not great, not like windows 8


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