Watch the First Full-Scale Demo of Hyperloop Technology


A startup company has built the worlds first full-scale test track for the Elon Musk-conceived transport system outside of Las Vegas. Today, that company finally ran its first test.

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Hyperloop Test

Hyperloop One (formerly Hyperloop technologies) accelerated a test vehicle down its track at speeds of 300 mph using the Hyperloop propulsion technology. Using the linear electric motor, which will eventually propel a passenger-filled pod, the company ran a ‘propulsion open-air test’. The vehicle, nicknamed ‘Sled’ accelerated from 0 to 60 moths in one second, generating 2.5gs of force. The idea is to use the same motor in a more aerodynamic vehicle inside of a low-pressure tube. The math says the sled would be able to hit 700 mph in those conditions.

In an interview with Mashable, Senior VO of Engineering Josh Giegel described the motor as such:

[…”Unlike typical motors, this one has no moving parts. Giegel described the motors as “blades” and what you might get if you took a typical electric motor, cut it down the seam and unrolled it. When powered, these roughly 2-feet tall by 6-inch wide blades create electromagnetic energy that reacts with the pod and pushes it along”….]

That description makes Hyperloop sound more like a linear-induction motor, such as the ones used on modern roller coasters, which propel cars at high speeds. Which may be apt, considering how much the test resembled a roller coaster in motion.
However, unlike the motors on roller coasters or high-speed rail systems, the tube the Hyperloop would run in would be a near vacuum environment, meaning less drag, meaning less motors.

HTT Hyperloop

According to Giegel, the motors would only need to occupy 5 to 10 percent of the track – about every 50 miles.

We’ll update this post with more images and video as they become available.

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