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How to Watch President Trump’s Inauguration

How to Watch President Trump’s Inauguration

Today, Donald J Trump will be sworn in as America’s 45th President.  And yes.  This is actually happening.  If you want to watch history – pro or con – there are loads of options especially if you don’t have cable.

/READ MORE // Donald J. Trump Is the 45th President of the United States

The next president  will take the oath of office at 11:30 am EST, 8:30am PST, and 7:30 for those in Moscow.  Coverage will begin much earlier than that, however.  Prior to the swearing in, Trump and his family will attend a church service lead by pastor Robert Jeffress.

As a sidenote, Jeffress has called Mormonism a cult, said Islam promotes pedophilia, and calls Catholicism a “counterfeit religion”.  See?  We’re having fun already.

You can watch the event in real-time on basically every platform: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more.  We also have links for those who still subscribe to cable, but may be on their mobile devices.



There are plenty of options for watching the inauguration ceremony on YouTube:

  • NBC News has a livestream of the ceremony on YouTube. (see above)
  • C-SPAN will have its own stream of the proceedings on YouTube.
  • Telemundo will have a livestream in Spanish on YouTube.


PBS NewsHour is partnering with Twitter to bring you coverage of the ceremony at inauguration.twitter.com and @NewsHour.


You can also watch on a number of Facebook streams provided by major news networks


Reuters has free streaming of the inauguration via the Reuters TV websiteiOSand Android.

Fox News


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