The Nintendo Switch is so popular that the company is doubling its production to prepare for “customer tantrums” during the holidays. While some users have expressed wishes that the gaming console came with a glass screen, the current design’s construction is applauded for its extreme durability.

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To find out exactly how durable the Nintendo Switch is, the people at UnlockRiver recently put the Nintendo Switch through a 1,000 feet drop test. Amazingly, the Switch survived the extreme drop, despite a damaged left Joy-Con controller, putting it above other game consoles in terms of resilience.

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  1. So you’re saying in order to be paid by Youtube for original content, all i have to do is drop something high in the sky and record it?

    • So out of all the bullshit content on youtube making money, the one where a dude rigs a drone to drop-test a brand new console from the fucking sky is the one that suprises you? I’ve gotta see this content of yours, because it’s gotta be gold.


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