Watch Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event

Windows 10 First look

Microsoft didn’t live stream its brand new windows event on Tuesday. To make up for it, the Redmond, Washington company has posted the entire 40 minute keynote for all to see. Check it out here:

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Windows chief Terry Myerson and Head of PCs, Tablets and Phones Joe Belfiore, took their time at the press-only event to give Windows 10 (not 9.  10) its first public showing in San Fransisco.

Amongst other changes to the venerable OS, Windows 10 will change how Windows fundamentally works on touch-capable machines.  There are also interface tweaks and a new start menu. The duo also took time to give us an overview of the future of Windows.

This could be a nice upgrade for Windows users and its well worth 40 minutes out of your day.

[Via YouTube]

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