Watch: Bill Maher on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


On Friday night, two different late night show host clashed as they sat down to discuss their different, opposite reactions to the Paris bombings on Nov 13th.  Colbert offered thoughtfulness and prayer, Maher sang a bit, and then, as is his style, spent some of his interview time blaming Islam for the attack while being antagonistic.

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His show was called ‘Politically Incorrect’ for a reason

On Friday, Maher appeared alongside Stephen Colber on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and the two hosts joked/argued about, in Colbert’s words “the two things you’re not supposed to talk about at dinner: religion and politics.”  It was oddly sharp, barbed, almost uncomfortable, but it made great TV.

Placed alongside Jimmy Fallon’s warm, PG, singalong late night show, The Late Show was very adult.  It was two people passionately discussing politics and religion.  There was no apology for language or content, but it kept the audience fixated.

Check out a great bit of late night talk show here
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