Watch as a Girl with Telekinesis ruins a coffee store


This is both amazing and absolutely terrifying. A prank – erm clever viral marketing? – has a woman with telekinetic powers in a coffee shop when she freaks out.  However, it’s all a publicity stunt.

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It’s a spot for the upcoming Carrie remake. Just because it’s a bit doesn’t make it less entertaining.

From fake walls, to remote control tables, the legitimate customers of this coffee store have no clue what they in for.  When a stranger – wink wink actor – knocks over her coffee, she completely looses it and almost tears the place apart.

While we weren’t that interested in the remake before, this spot has piqued our interest. While we might be there, you can bet these poor folks won’t need another scare for quite a while.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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