Want free Android apps? Here’s how to get them!


Android is an amazing OS. It’s arguably the only mobile OS that gives you so much freedom; you can customize your homescreen to your heart’s content, change the look of icons, and even rewrite the whole system and try something totally new.

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Apps, however, are a bit of a problem.

Sure, you can get free apps on the web. You can search for APKs, but those might not be stable, and you have no idea what kinds of malicious software could be installed with them. In the end, you’ll probably end up buying that app you wanted anyway, but here’s a little gift from Google to you; it’s called Google Opinion Rewards, and yes, it gives you money to buy apps with. Seriously.

Google Opinion Rewards

It’s really simple. Install the app, answer a few questions (your privacy is valued, it’s completely anonymous, and some questions can be answered without giving away personal information; read Google’s privacy policy here), and lo and behold! You’ve just earned a dollar.

Google Opinion Rewards

The money earned from Opinion Rewards can be used anywhere in the Play Store — be it apps, books, games, movies and TV shows — even music.

Subsequent surveys won’t get you as much, but it all adds up. I mean, who doesn’t want apps for free?

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