Using your fancy DSLR camera for live recording and Skype: Yes you cam!

skype DSLR

Webcams, which are perhaps most commonly used for video chat services such as Skype, have come a long way in their capabilities. A webcam used to be a serious investment, and a higher-end model would provide audio recording capabilities, a better frame rate, more vibrant colours and a better resolution.

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Now webcams are a dime a dozen and getting one that performs well is relatively inexpensive. Because of this, many digital camera manufacturers have moved away from creating extra utilities that allow for live streaming or recording directly to a hard drive. Despite all this, with consumer-level digital SLR cameras becoming more plentiful, it’s not uncommon that live recording functionality is still a relatively sought-after feature.

Many consumer-level DSLRs are being packaged with a set of utilities that allow for things like quick image downloading, panorama stitching and remote recording. The problem is, these cameras are not recognized as webcams. This is where virtual webcam applications like SparkoCam, Camtwist or ManyCam come in.

Each of these applications have a whole host of various features and settings, but at their core they’re all pretty similar. Once you’ve used the aforementioned camera utility to set up your live shooting window, you simply choose the area of your screen that you wish to broadcast as your webcam.

many cam virtual desktop
In “ManyCam” you would choose the “Custom desktop” option.
ManyCam virtual desktop
Select the area of your screen that you want to capture.
Your virtual webcam will most likely be listed under the name of whatever software you happen to be using, in this case “ManyCam.”

Don’t forget that with the ability to broadcast any area of your screen as a webcam feed, you have a pretty powerful presentation tool at your fingertips where you’ll be able to share any media you can access from your computer.

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