US House Members Prefer the iPhone


We all know it’s important to once in a while we get to talk about things that really don’t matter. Think about it, we can give you reviews and talk to you about the reasons why certain things are happening in technology, but rarely do we get to talk to you about something so useless.

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Information comes at us from everywhere, but this week, as reported on, the U.S. House Members prefer iPhone to Android or BlackBerry.

Why does this matter? Well, according to a new report published by NBC’s Meet the Press, members of the U.S. House of Representatives prefer Apple’s smartphone over blackBerry and Android devices.

Originally BlackBerry was winning this race due to the whole security features that it originally held, but with the fall of the sometimes smart phone, changing into the really smart phones, we can assume that the change has been due to security preferences.

Don’t think that this doesn’t sway many people, but also note that what phones chosen by the House of Representatives is like asking which ringtone a celebrity has.

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