Unknown Customer Buys 1 Million BlackBerrys

Blackberry Order blackberrys Blackberrys

An Anonymous customer just made the biggest single purchase in Blackberry history.  Without revealing their identity, he/she/they purchased one million Blackberrys

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Blackberry, formerly Research in Motion, unveiled the new Blackberry z10 and Q10 in January, and they received either high praise or strong criticism for both products.

Who ever the undisclosed customer is, they ordered exactly 1,000,000 Z10 a.  The Z10 is already available for purchase in several markets worldwide.

The device goes on sale in the US on March 22nd, for $199.99 on a 2-year contract.  The US release of the new Blackberry will put it head to head with Samsung’s Galaxy S4, expected to be unveiled Thursday.

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