Uber Co-Founder Announces New Cryptocurrency, Issues 1 Trillion Tokens

Bitcoin has a new rival.


Canadian businessman and Uber co-founder Garrett Camp is getting into the cryptocurrency game. Aiming to resolve current issues plaguing other digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Camp has announced the launch of his own crypto, dubbed “Eco.”

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Aiming to be faster and more energy efficient, Eco will not be fully anonymous because its transactions must be handled by approved networks. Camp announced plans to issue 1 trillion tokens, with 30% going to Camp’s partners, advisors and managers, 20% earmarked for universities and the rest given to the first billion people who sign up for it. No funds will be raised to kickstart the project either, as Camp and some of his peers at Expa, his venture fund, will donate $10 million USD to bolster the currency in the short term.

Sign up for your free tokens over on Eco’s website.

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