elderly lady looking out of window concerned
elderly lady looking out of window concerned

Go neighbours you really can’t stand?  Want to get them in a bit of trouble with the powers that be so they’ll finally turn down their music?  Well, if you like in the United Kingdom, the government might just help you out by getting you to spy on them to collect incriminating evidence.

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The councils in Dundee, West Yorkshire, Northumberland, and London are all willing to give citizens hidden camera and audio recording equipment to spy on their neighbours.  They devices can be accessed by the, and this is true, antisocial behaviour taskforce, which is a thing now.

On the face of it, it seems like turning neighbours against one another using secret government video surveillance is maybe worse than that party they had last weekend, but that’s me.  No word yet on if the UK government plans to hand out those screw cameras, but either way, it looks like Big Brother wants to adopt us all.

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