Since the start of the year, Twitter has been testing an upgraded version of its desktop website and it is here. This is the company’s first major website redesign in more than 6 years. The redesigned website is simple to navigate and has a new left-hand sidebar that takes you to the key sections of the app including Bookmarks, Explore, Direct Messages, Lists, Notifications, and many others.

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For a long time, Twitter was regarded as an outdated social media website. When compared with the native iOS and Android apps, Twitter lacked many features that a modern website with millions of users should have. The aim of the upgrade is to make movement easy around the website and enhance the user experience.

The social network website now has a wider Direct Messages screen that looks more like an inbox. Right now, users can view and reply to tweets in one place. Other features include advanced search, support for a variety of themes and easy switching of profile.

Twitter is known for its popular Dark Mode, Dim and Lights Out display. But with the upgrade, these modes are now supported with a variety of options for personalizing the website. There are different themes and color options available to users.

Before the upgrade, you would have to click on your Profile icon to access features like Settings, Lists, Themes, and other options. Moments was located in the Profile drop-down menu and at the top of the screen besides messages and notifications.

The desktop’s main navigation now features Bookmarks, a useful curation function that was previously unavailable on the website.

In the new design, Moments can be found in the “More” menu. According to Twitter, the explore feature gives users access to live videos and personalized local moments just as it is on mobile.  Top trends can be found in Explore and the Personalized Trends feature is on the home screen.

Right now, the new navigation menu contains Messages, Profile, Explore, Notifications, Lists, Bookmarks, and More where you can find options like Settings, Twitter’s ad tools, Moments and other features.

To add a photo, GIF, poll or Emoji you will have to click on the compose feature which is located on the bottom left of the page. The location button has now been replaced by the emoji button since most users did not use the feature before.

But while we agree that the new home screen is more user-friendly and organized, we must state that the navigation text takes up quite a large amount of space on the screen.

Speaking on the layout and functionality changes, Ashlie Ford, Twitter’s lead designer on the project, said that the redesigned website was built from the ground up. With this upgrade, it’s going to be easier to add new features, experiment with new features and quickly roll them out to our customers.

Twitter’s primary goal is to deliver consistency across the phone and web platforms. However, with the launch of the update, there’s no option for users to go back to the legacy experience. This was only possible during the test period.

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