Twitter is down for most people right now

fail whale wallpaper
fail whale wallpaper

Reports are surfacing that Twitter has been down globally since 9:20GMT this morning.  Twitter has updated its system status to say that it’s looking into the issue, and many users are reporting the site is still down for them.

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13:10pm GMT down again. The fail whale is keeping us entertained until normal service resumes. We can’t imagine what is causing such persistent issues, and Twitter have kept very silent on its status with no further updates.

12:30pm GMT and it looks like Twitter is generally back up but very, very glitchy. Images only load occasionally and there is still no status update from Twitter to confirm a fix.

11:40am GMT and Twitter has gone down again, in what might be one of the more serious outages of recent memory. No further official statement yet or update of its previous status.

It’s rare for Twitter to suffer a full outage, and no reason has been given for this latest black eye . The service also suffered a short outage yesterday. We’ll keep this story updated as it develops.

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