The reactions and opinions found on Twitter are greatly different, and far more negative, than what polling suggests it should be, according to a Pew Research Center study.

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There is no consensus why that is, or which way the opinions on Twitter tend to lean.

The  reactions on the social network can often lean liberal, such as reaction to last year’s overturning of California’s anti same-sex marriage law.  Some trends tend to lean conservative, such as the reaction to Obama’s State of the Union addresses.

In both cases, opinion polls had a different view when compared with the twitter trend.  In the case of California’s same-sex law, 44 percent of respondents to a poll had a negative view, while Twitter’s negative reaction was only 8%.  In Obama’s case, Twitter reacted negatively: only 13% of tweets were positive, compared with 48% of those polled had a positive view of the speech.

In the Pew Research Study, 8 major news events – including the first presidential debate and election results – were compared to results from polls.

Overall, the polls tended to be more positive, and Twitter reacted more negatively.

Keep Calm and RT

The study found, among other interesting results, that just 13% of adults said they ever used twitter, while an even smaller 3% saying the post or repost news via Twitter.  The study concluded that while Twitter does not “reliably correlate with the overall reaction of adults nationwide” the results still shows Twitter as being far more negative.

Will you tweet this story in a positive light?  Do you blame the tone of Twitter on trolls?  Tweet us and let us know what you think of Twitter’s atmosphere.

[Via Pew Research Center]

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