Google Chrome is arguably the best app for browsing the web — be it on the desktop, or on your smartphone, it’s easy to use and it’s powerful. It’s got great features such as sync, a new profile management system, and a huge market for apps, games, and extensions.

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If you’re like me — which, you probably are, reading this — you like getting the newest features as soon as they’re released. You’d rather have a newer, yet unstable build than something old but reliable. Thankfully, Google has provided us with a couple of ways to get those shiny new features right away.

Try Flags

Flags are hidden features built into Chrome. If you don’t want to go through the lengthy process of installing another build, flags are for you. Type in “chrome://flags” in your browser’s Omnibox and you’ll be taken to a page with a list of Google’s experimental features for Chrome. Some of them have multiple options to choose from, and they all have descriptions as to what they change. You can reset them all to their default values if you’ve messed something up completely, and the best part is, this works on all desktop OSes and Android (sadly, iOS doesn’t support this feature).

Try Another Build

Google also has 3 other builds of Chrome; there’s Chromium, the open-source browser that serves as a base for Chrome; the Chrome Beta; and Chrome Canary, the dev channel.

Chromium is a little hard to install if you’re running a desktop OS other than Linux — it’s best for devs, and isn’t much different from the official Chrome build anyway. It’s good to have if you develop apps, games, or extensions for Chrome.

The Chrome Beta is possibly the best way to play with new features whilst maintaining a stable environment; it’s also available for Android, and can replace your browser entirely.

Chrome Canary is probably the most radical way to experience the web. It will look different nearly every time you launch it, has an awesome gold icon, but is likely to crash. Very. Likely. To crash. Don’t use Canary as a full substitute to your browser!

Try any of these now to see what’s upcoming in future stable builds of Google Chrome.

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