Trillian Update Adds New Connections, Tabs, Skins and More


The newest release of Trillian instant messenger is a huge upgrade with a really nice modern new look and a ton of new features you need.

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Amongst the host of new features, the updated Trillian lets you connect to AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC.  You can log into multiple AOL accounts at the same time, and you can tab chat conversations.  You can now sort your buddies by status and you can even ‘Skin’ Trillian for a new look.

The basic version of Cerulean’s Trillian is free, but Trillian Pro has the extra advantage of letting you lookup your Trillian message history, viewing by user, time and letting you bookmark spots in your chats.  Trillian Pro will set you back $25

Trillian [Cerulean]

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