Tiny Cellphone Charger is the Size of a Quarter


Every now and then, cellphones die.  Battery life runs low, just as you need to make one last call, or send a quick email.  Just a few minutes of extra power would be all you need.  Devotec has come up with a solution, and its tiny.

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Devotec, a maker of mobile chargers, has come up with an idea called ‘Fuel’.  Its a tiny batter charger that can give your phone 30 extra minutes of juice and its only once inch tall and half an inch across.

Fuel battery

Designed to look like a fuel can, (get it? fuel?) can fit in your pockets or keychain and can be used for those little emergencies when you need extra cell phone life.

Fuel Battery Tiny

Inside its die-cast casing sits a 5C lithium-ion battery.  It has a micro-USB connection and a three coloured LEDs tell you its power status.  Fuel is one of those Kickstarter projects thats looks like it will become real in just a short period of time, and is currently being sold at a discount.

[via Kickstarter]

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