This Week in Geek: #Sandy


Understandably, the Hurricane Sandy was on most people’s radar in terms of natural disasters that happened in North America, but over here on the West Coast, we had an amusing natural phenomenon ourselves – An Earthquake.

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Yes, yes I know, there is nothing funny to be said about tectonic plates shifting under us, causing buildings to sway, possible tsunamis, and even casualties; however, when one needs to learn about the earthquake that happened just a hope skip and a jump away through someone living in Ontario asking if I was alright. Think about it, a 7.7 earthquake that I couldn’t feel here in Vancouver. I have heard you could feel it on the island, but for some reason, it just becomes nothing on the mainland.

Haidi Gwaii felt the worse, and their famed hot springs emptied due to the fragile state within the earth and how the earth works to create the hot springs. This being said, no one was hurt in the earthquake, and the residents were prepared enough to have evacuated once the sirens rang out.

Now, for the geek news; at least a form of Geek.

The iPhone app for earthquakes, that will send you push notifications if there is an earthquake in the general vicinity. This app, will give detailed information about the tectonic plates that are shifting, the warnings surrounding the earthquake and the possibilities of the tsunamis afterwards.

I again, only found out through the worry of friends in Ontario that there was an earthquake, so this app seems like a great idea for myself; especially in the light of what had happened in Japan in 2011, being prepared is only half the battle, and given how little I know about what to do in an earthquake, and how little most of my friends, classmates and coworkers know, this app could be surprisingly useful and educational.


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