This Wall is an Air Filter


When it comes to pollution, it can be hard to get rid of it all.  When you scale the problem up to a city size, say Mexico City, air pollution becomes a huge problem.  A Berlin firm decided to tackle this problem by scaling up the answer as well.  Behold, a city-sized Air Filter.

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Elegant Embellishments, from Berlin, are designing porous walls around a hospital in Mexico City to clean up the air in the area.  The wall’s odd shape slows down wind as they pass through and create turbulence, thereby ‘churning’ the air is it moves past.

The real secret lies inside: a coating of Titanium Dioxide breaks down the pollution into simple and harmless components on contact.

While some have criticized the aesthetics of the wall,this project could set a president for dealing with smog that has already been put into our air.  While the push is on to stop pollution before it goes into our air, this could be a way to deal with what is left over.

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