Japanese collectible manufacturer Yume MRC recently unveiled a life-sized Vegeta statue that’s sure to delight fans of the Dragon Ball series.

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Limited to only 150 pieces, the resin collectible stands at 6.9-feet-tall, and features the smug “Prince of Saiyans” in his Super Saiyan form. The 1:1 scale Vegeta also spotlights the Z-Fighter’s signature Saiyan armour outfit, and has a complimentary light-up base. Additionally, Yume MRC is offering a more expensive Combo Edition of the statue that’s accompanied by a life-sized bust, which comes with a scouter and interchangeable head sculpts.

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Priced at $3,990 USD and $4,665 USD, the Dragon Ball Z x MRC Life Sized Vegeta Statue Standard Edition and Combo Edition are available now for pre-order from Anime Collect.

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