This.Is.Review: Rush Power Bank.

Rush UBS Power Bank
Rush UBS Power Bank

Being a full time student and a blogger, it’s no doubt that my phone and my laptop are two things that I almost always need. I have those two things everywhere I go and making sure they always have charge and they’re always good to service me when I need can be tough at times. My laptop is pretty good on power management and I don’t use it as much as I use my phone. Also, I’m on the S6 edge which usually dies on me before my day is over. To keep my phone alive, because I literally can’t live without it. When it dies I become lost.

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This is what keeps me powered when I’m on the go

This is why I carry with me a Rush 7800mAh Dual USB power bank when I know I’ll be out for a long time, like the few days I was away on a cottage trip. And on the regular I carry with me the Rush 4000 mAh Dual USB power bank. Both of them are available on amazon.



Both these products were sent to me via a friend at Nexus Cellular (Their Facebook page). When I got the two products I already had a power bank which was meh. It charged my devices super slow and the thing itself took over 20 hours to charge (mainly because it’s 27,000mAh). Anyway, I was excited to try these products out and before I tell you anything else, these two power banks impressed me. And trust me, I’m not getting paid to say this.

A little while ago, I had the iPhone 6 Plus and that’s when I was using the power banks the most so I’ll tell you about my experience while using them to keep my iPhone 6 Plus breathing. The 7,800mAh managed to charge my iPhone and my tablet (RecPad prototype – Review to come) as fast as the OEM charger, which is great! 7,800mAh is plenty to charge up your devices. I can usually charge my iPhone 6 plus 2-3 times before I have to charge the power pack.

As for the 4,000mAh it allowed me to charge my iPhone 1-2 times before it died. Sometimes I was able to get a full 2 charges and other times it would be 1 and half. This is precisely why I only used that during the short periods of times when I would be out of the house. Charging the power packs only takes a few hours as well. I can leave them on charge for the night and wake up with the power pack fully charged and for the next week or so, I don’t need to charge the power bank. The power banks charge through a micro USB, which is great because we all have them lying around.

Rush UBS Power Bank


I’m a fan of the size of both power banks, I can take them almost everywhere. Both of them fit in my pocket with no hassle however, the 7,800mAh is a little on the heavier side but it’s not TOO bad (certainly not as bad as the 27,000mah I used to use). It’s completely possible to carry it around in your pocket. I usually have them in my back pack. The 4,000mAh is the perfect size to carry in your pocket if you don’t want to be carrying around a backpack.

Both power banks have a power button on the top, for the 7,800mAh, the power button on top of the power bank shows you how much charge it has. There are four led lights, each representing 25% charge. When you’re charging up the power bank, these lights blink. When done, they stay still. As for the 4,000mAh the power button has a LED light right around it which changes color to indicate charging. The colour changes from red to green over time. Green means it’s fully charged.

Rush UBS Power Bank


The 7,800mAh has its charging 2 charging outputs on the top and the input is right in the middle of the two outputs. Above the micro USB input, there is a light which can be turned on by holding down the power button. This is useful when you’re stuck in a dark place!

Rush UBS Power Bank


The 4,000mAh has its outputs also on the top, and its input is on the left side of the device. The 4,000mAh version doesn’t have a light that you can turn on.

For both versions, output one is 1amp and output 2 is 2.1amp. One is for your phone and the other should be used for your tablet type of devices.

I never thought I would be writing about power banks but I just had to let you guys know about these two. They’ve been accompanying me almost everywhere I go, for a few months now and as you can tell, I’m pretty impressed with them. I set my 27,000mAh beast aside and now I just use these two, they’re so much more portable and charge my devices up faster than the 27,000mAh power bank from Koar.

If you’re looking for a power bank, I think you would be pretty happy if you decide to go with the Rush products!


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