This is how differently how men and women talk on Facebook

men and women

You can glean tons of information about a person based on what they post on The Facebooks. According to a study from the U of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center, different words and phrases can be used to correlate your age, gender and even personality.

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The study looked at over 15 million different status updates from almost 75,000 participants. Each volunteer also filled out a personality assessment, so the researchers could compare status updates with the participants emotional states

The results were turned into word clouds, and actually conform greatly to social and gender stereotypes. Men curse more, and talk about video games whereas women tended to refer to their emotional states.

When describing their partners, men used possessive words, such as my Wife or My girlfriend and women simply used terms like boyfriend and husband

When looking at age bracket, some clear trends also appeared. 13 – 18 year olds used emoticons and Internet slang, while 23 – 29 year olds talked about work, jobs, or weddings

men vs women words

The oldest group in the study, 30 – 65 year olds talked about children or family most.

Extroverts were more likely to talk about partying, and introverts about anime and the internet.

words by personality type

Using the participants as a sample, the researchers were about to use that data to predict a user’s gender with 92% accuracy.

So remember: while you’re out there surfing the ‘net, even your language can give you away.

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