The Zooop Car looks Ridiculous, Speeds like a Racecar


As if straight from a Steven Speilberg sci-fi movie, the Zooop is basically everything you want from and in a car from the future.  Too bad it looks like a hunk of junk.

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Looking like a car modelled after James and the giant peach, the ridiculous round orange classic might lull some drivers into thinking this car is a joke.  No joke here.  The 100 percent electric Zooop is powered by a 150-kW AC propulsion drive, moving it along at 112 mph, having to stop for a recharge every 280 miles.

Unveiled at last month’s Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Paris, the Zooop was not a dream of auto-builders, instead being conceived by fashion designers from Maison de Courrèges.

The model that was showcased at the Michelin Challenge was a prototype, so don’t expect to get your hands on one any time soon. Maybe one day, we’ll all drive bright orange electric power gasoline-free spheres, but for now, maybe a Prius looks less ridiculous

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