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The X-Men Family Tree

The X-Men Family Tree

Ever feel extremely confused over which X-Man is whose brother and who married whom and had whose kid? It’s a mutant soap opera out there, and to help us make sense of it all is this insanely well-done infographic. Behold the X-men family tree.

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Nothing quite fuels nerd-rage like a superhero debate. One of those things that tend to get the rage flowing is the differing opinion on X-men Continuity. There have been alternate universes, time travel, and flashbacks that make no sense, and there’s enough of them to give even the most dedicate X-men fanatic a headache.

So, instead of living with the headache, graphic designer Joe Stone created this handy flow chart, outline bloodline relationships, marriages and *ahem* other relationship mutants tend to have.

Not all mutants made the list, because the list would have gone on forever, but rest assured, your favorites are all there

Check out the infographic below and feel free to chime in with your own lists of omission, corrections, opinions, and general cries of ‘awesome’

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The X-Men Family


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