The Worlds Largest Tortoise Found In Amazon? Hoax.

Worlds Largest Tortoise?
Worlds Largest Tortoise?

World’s Largest Tortoise found in Amazon? Yeah right, and Facebook can tell the future.

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Don’t get me wrong.  When my coworker showed me the image of a giant tortoise, allegedly 20 feet tall, being carted down a highway somewhere random, I was stoked to think that there was something that old living in the world somewhere. The age alone must have been over hundreds of years old! I was fascinated.

I looked online and found out that it was a hoax! Well, how rude! The proliferation of the news online was so massive that there was actually very little to be known about the real largest tortoise, which is from the Galapagos Islands, not from the Amazon Sea.

Our Image of the Day was just a snapshot from a Japanese fantasy movie called “Gamera the Brave”.

It has been posted all over the internet for a few days, and the best part,

was that the ‘Worlds Largest Tortoise’ has been showing up as real news for a few days.

Gamera the Brave

Whoever started this hoax did an amazing job because it really did proliferate all of Google Circle’s science feeds, and was reposted thousands if not millions of times.

Social media was eating this one up, and if you didn’t see the original film, don’t worry: it wasn’t that spectacular. The sheer amount of how often it was shared was the real kicker. The Internet has a way of bringing about the weirdest things.

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