When is enough, enough?  Is there no end to continually making a screen big enough to watch Monday Night Football on?  Will we only be happy when our Living Room is just a row of chairs and an IMAX screen?

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At least you can be a little happier after today.

A couple of computer engineers have developed the next ‘World’s Largest and Highest Resolution screen, and it measures a crazy 27 by 15 FEET.  Feet.

The screen is so big, it houses 60 million pixels and needs 20 networked PC computers to run it, using 30,000 watts to do it’s job.  That PS3 doesn’t look so bad at power consumption now, does it?

Let’s bed honest with ourselves:  if you want a TV that big, just go to the racetrack in Tokyo with the world’s biggest HDTV.  It doesn’t count as seamless however, because it has 35 different segments to it.  This one is just one big screen.  Not that anyone can tell the difference at this size.

The new world’s biggest, seamless display will cost you about $100,000 if you want one, and that doesn’t include your hydro bill.

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