The phenomena was formed as a result of multiple prehistoric lakes becoming one and has a crust of salt several meters thick.

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Not only is it a beauty to look at, but it serves many purposes, both for the local and global population. Locals use Salar de Uyuni as a way across the Bolivian Altiplano and is an important breeding territory for multiple species of flamingos. Globaly, it can be seen from space and this allows us to calibrate Earth’s observational satelites.

So how was this wonder formed?

Well Salar de Uyuni is a part of the Altilano of Bolivia which is a high plateau caused by the formation of the Andes mountains. This caused another transformation and amalgamation of huge lakes 30,000 and 42,000 years ago.

For the country of Bolivia, it is a great sourse of minerals and compounds. Magnesium, potassium, sodium and lithium are just a few of the compounts mined from the Salar. Most importantly of them is lithium, with Bolivia holding approximately 43% of the world’s lithim resreves, the most vital component of batteries.


If you are ever to visit Bolivia, the Salar de Uyni is a must see. On a day with it covered in water, it is almost as if there two skies the reflection is so clear and pure. It is truly a wonder to behold.

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