We all have sci-fi visions of robots maids and robot butlers. Robots will take over our dull, menial task. Well, that starts today, because Briggo is the world’s first barista robot.

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Briggo isn’t just a coffee machine, dropping water onto grounds. No, Austin Texas-based Briggo is a barista – a coffee artist. It’s company claims its fine brew is the same quality as a high-end coffee store.

Briggo is the size of a telephone booth, and they can be installed just about anywhere. Of course, one of the first was installed in the common room at the University of Texas at Austin, they will undoubtedly spread across the nation – the company is keeping the locations under wraps for now


The coffee-booth is made from stainless steel and houses a wide array of sensors to measure everything: water to grind ratio, temperature of the milk, and on and on.

A good cappuccino takes a lot of science;

a machine could have the edge there


Briggo used separate brew chambers to make each cup individually: the coffee is better; since you never have pre used grounds. The machine makes everything from hot chocolate to Iced coffee, lattes to chai. It has hundreds of options and different flavors of syrupy so you can even create your own recipe and save it to have again later.

And it always makes it exactly the same cup.

You can even order the coffee from your Smartphone via an app. You have a coffee break in 10, you can order ahead and it will be waiting for you, no extra charge.


[…”What we’ve created is in essence a small food factory that absolutely replicates what a champion barista does. What we find at [the University of Texas] is that we have a younger generation of consumers who have no inhibition about ordering remotely and having self service…Coffee shops are a great social interaction point, but so is social media.”…]

– Kevin Nater, Briggo CEO

[Briggo via The Atlantic]

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