The New News Feed: Facebook Gets Gorgeous

Facebook news feed

Its been forever since Facebook saw a genuine, large-scale overhaul.  Well, its been two years – two whole years!  Imagine how different you and the world were two years ago.  Facebook needed a change in a big way.  And we just got it.

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The News Feed has been how we get most of our Facebook activity and, hell I’ll say it, communicate with everyone since 2006.  Its changed since then, sure, but stayed essentially the same.  We’ve seen experiments to add photos and links and ads and subscriptions make the feed more complicated and then simpler over and over again.  Mark Zuckerberg has called it a ‘Newspaper”, and this new News News feed really feels like something more than a feed really feels like something more than a feed.

Facebook news feed

The biggest change are the photos.

Sure they’re bigger.  But there are more thumbnails too, and it feels like you get a real feeling of what people are up to.

Visually, its stunning; no buttons or scrollbars or junk.  And its nice that both the web version and the mobile very match like twins, really making the ‘Facebook experience’ seem ubiquitous.  All the junk like events and messenger and apps is now one nice tidy sidebar – just like the app

When friends or business shows up on your feed, you get tons of more information about them.  Their entire post – including location – shows up in all its beauty.

Facebook news feed

And shared links – like This is Ions maybe? – come onto your news feed bigger than ever, and the feed groups comments together.  Facebook can also suggest stories based on other stories you’ve commented on before.  It can also target ads too.  No surprise there.

While normally, this might all be a bit too much to squeeze into a news feed, Facebook went ahead and split this up into subcategories.  Music.  Friends.  Photos.  Even Games.  Your Friends have just your friends, without subscriptions or junk involved. ‘Close Friends’ will have just your closest buds.  Music, for example, will tell you what your friends are listening to on Grooveshark and Rdio.  It will also give you info for the artists you follow.  If you want to have just artists, or only friends show up, you can filter the subcategories to do so.

Facebook news feed

The New News Feed began rolling out yesterday after the Keynote, but like every Facebook paradigm shift, it might take a while.

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